Become a partner and you will be a member of a coalition of stakeholders who will shape the Internet of tomorrow, together with the citizens. You will be part of the process and define the topics deemed crucial to this debate. Your participation will produce elements to fuel your strategy, drawing on unique insights from citizens from across the world.
To ensure the quality of the debates, we are welcoming a diversity of partners.

strategic partners

You help design the debate, and give momentum to the process and the results.

scientific committee

As specialists in the topics or in the method, you ensure the quality of the questions and information.


At a local or national level, you prepare and instigate the citizens’ participation. You contribute to the impact strategy.

citizens’ quotes

What would my life be like without net neutrality?

Pierre-André (France)



coalition building

Creating the group of strategic partners who will frame the debate and prepare the impact strategy.

debate design

Scoping for the key topics, planning the debate’s timeline, contributing to multilingual information material for the citizens.

Onboarding the ecosystem

Recruiting and training local and regional partners, and empowering them to implement the debate

Citizen participation

Face-to-face participation

Thousands of randomly selected, ordinary citizens meet in groups of 50 to 200 in hundreds of places across the world.

Online participation

Opening the consultation online to reach tens of thousands of citizens worldwide.


questions & results

Analysing answers, identifying the lessons learned and how they contribute to the multi-stakeholder dialogue.


Producing action toolkits for stakeholders to present and discuss results all over the world, at relevant times and places.


Evaluating the process and preparing next round. Making the topic part of the system of governance.

partners’ quotes

We were delighted to add the voice of the citizens to the climate negotiations.

Christina Figueres, Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC
about the World Wide Views summit on Climate & Energy 2015, co-coordinated by Missions Publiques


  • 2018: pilot

    Analysing answers, identifying the lessons learned and how they contribute to the multi-stakeholder dialogue.

    • Jan.-June: Coalition building
    • May-July: Scoping
    • June-July: Training of partners
    • July 1st: Release of the platform
    • July-Sep.: Recruiting & Capacitating
    • Oct.: Citizens’ Day (5-10 countries)
    • Oct-Dec.: Analysis of results and presentation at IGF 2018
  • 2019: Full-scale

    The full-scale process will result in a set of recommendations for Internet companies, governments and ONGs worldwide.

    • May 18: Global Citizens’ Day (120+ countries)
    • June-Oct.: Analysis of results and presentation at IGF 2019
  • 2020: Evaluation and Sustainability



countries involved


organizations implementing the deliberations


citizens in face-to-face debates


citizens in online debates


months of visibility and engagement

citizens’ quotes

Will the Internet of tomorrow protect us from fake news?

Batul (Afghanistan)

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